Configuration of Services & Orchestrations

Hi everyone,

TL;DR - Looking for examples of how everyone else has their Services and Event Orchestrations configured. TIA!

I joined my team about 6 months ago and one of my first projects was to convert our PagerDuty Event Rules to Event Orchestration. I had a pretty limited knowledge of the system and did the best I could given the time frame provided. Now that I’ve got a little more time, I’d like to see if there is a way to enhance the configuration of the Services/Orchestrations to be cleaner and more insightful.

Currently, I have it set up as followed -

Orchestration #1: Core Services (Production)

[SystemName1] (Production)
[SystemName2] (Production P1-P2)
[SystemName2] (Production P3)
[SystemName2] (Production P4-P5)
Goodnight (Production)
After Hours Support - Core Engineers
Catch-All (Production)

Orchestration #2: Core Services (Non-Production)

[SystemName1] (Non-Production)
[SystemName2] (Non-Production)
Catch-All (Non-Production)

All of the alerts get triggered by email from [SystemName1] or [SystemName2]. We also get notified via Teams since we have the Teams integration set up.

I’m wondering now if it was wise to consolidate the services as I did because we originally had 50+ services and I thought it’d be helpful to organize them by system rather than by process/task.

Does anyone have any insight they can provide on how they have their services/orchestrations set up? Thanks in advance!