Configurable iOS High-urgency/Critical Alerts volume

Hi! I was just added to my organization’s PagerDuty rotation, and after setting up the iOS app on my phone and testing out the notifications, I discovered that I cannot adjust the volume of the high-urgency notifications, which are sent as native Critical Alerts.

A quick Google for “ios critical alerts volume” shows that controlling the volume of these alerts is not possible as an iPhone user, but it is possible as an app developer; this blog post shows something called “PushOver” allowing users to configure Critical Alert volume on a scale of “loud” to “deafening”.

“Deafening” is how I would describe the current volume level of the high-urgency notifications, and this is just not acceptable in my situation: I’m not the only person in my building, and I can hear these notifications outside on the street, two-stories down :sweat_smile:. I understand their importance, but the whole apartment building doesn’t, and I’m sure to run into problems with the neighbors if I turn these on.

Can you please prioritize an update that will let me set the volume of these high-urgency alerts to something more humane? :pray: As it stands, I cannot enable them unless I build some sort of sound-dampening phone case. :laughing:

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I’m Chandler the Product Manager for Mobile at PagerDuty. We’re so excited you are using this feature and that you can hear your pages from two blocks away :wink: #nevermissapage

In all seriousness, we really appreciate this feedback. We tried to pick something that would be loud enough but not turn volume all the way up. We used a default so that we could get this feature to folks ASAP. Allowing you to adjust and set the volume is on the roadmap.

Let us know if you have any other feedback!

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Thanks for the response and update, Chandler! I appreciate the transparent communication, and look forward to the eventual update :smile: I would love to use this feature.

I think there needs to be even more configurability regarding Critical Alerts.

I love: overriding DND and the mute switch, because I generally use both when I go to bed. I need all the help I can get when it comes to waking me up.

I don’t love: that 24/7 the mute switch is overridden. I can imagine receiving a page during a movie or during a talk or … where the tap on my wrist from my watch would be more than sufficient to get my attention.

Could a normal alert vs a critical alert be two different contact methods in preferences? I’d be fine overriding the mute button if I had an opportunity to interact with a non-critical alert once or twice first and failed to.

Or, does iOS make access to the “bedtime” status available and maybe therefore have different escalations during bedtime? Or maybe just a different configuration for waking vs sleeping hours as configured statically?

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