Conference Bridge does not appear in Slack

My events come from a variety of sources (DataDog, Site 24x7, Cloudwatch) into PageDuty which then routes them into Slack (among other things). We’ve decided on using a specific Teams Channel rather than Slack to do our triage so I want to include a link to the teams channel in my alerts. I tried adding the URL to the Service as a Conference Bridge but it’s not appearing in the Slack notifications.

" When an incident is triggered on your service you will see the conference bridge information in the web UI, email notifications, and Slack (if you have a Slack integration configured)."
That is captured from here:

What am I missing?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

I understand you are wanting to configure a Service-level Conference Bridge for one of your services that uses the Slack integration.

I will be glad to look into this to see where the issue with this configuration may be coming from, I just need a bit more information!

Can you please contact us at, and include your account’s subdomain and the service you are wanting to configure this for?