Conditional user assignment based on working hours

We are looking to clean up our PagerDuty architecture. We currently have the pattern of “High Urgency” service(s) for immediate notification and “Low Urgency” services for those incidents that should be addressed during work hours, but otherwise get assigned to a dummy user until the next day.
Ideally we would like just the one Service where all alerts gets routed to. Then to and escalate based on event severity. We have 24/7 support cover for High Urgency incidents, but we don’t want low urgency incidents going to the on call person over the weekend, evening etc. Is there any way to achieve this?


a) During working hours (08:30am - 05:00pm Mon - Thurs): Notify the on-call person, regardless of severity (HIGH severity is immediate - a phone call, LOW severity can be email)
b) Outside of working hours:
i) If the alert has LOW severity: Assign to a dummy user. Reassign to the on-call person on the team when working hours start
ii) If the alert has HIGH severity: Notify the on-call person immediately

HI @kieran.mcgivern, at the service level, go to Settings, Assign and Notify. In the field “How should responders be notified”, select “Based on Support Hours” and for both “during support hours” and “outside support hours”, select “Dynamic notifications based on alert severity”. In this case, you don’t need a dummy user, because responders will receive for instance an email for low urgency incidents, but there won’t be any escalations if they don’t acknowledge.