COMPOSITE ALARM in cloudwatch not triggering PD integration


I’m using a new COMPOSITE alarm type introduced in March 2020 -

I have the alarm triggering an SNS topic with 3 subscriptions: email, lambda & HTTPS to my Cloudwatch Integration URL which looks like this:

I’m receving the lambda and email notifications, but a PD incident is not created. The HTTPS subscription is confirmed (using the auto-confirm option in Terraform) but it does not create an incident.

I am able to manually create an incident via the PD UI.

Is there perhaps an issue with the contents of the message coming from a COMPOSITE alarm that PD is failing to recognize?

I’ve also created a support request as I’m pretty sure I have this configured correctly - but figured someone here may know as well. We’re in our free-testing period, and this would definitely be a deal-breaker.


I was able to log the SNS requests to cloudwatch, and confirmed that the message was delivered to PD, but still no incident:

    "notification": {
        "messageMD5Sum": "7b449add3c111111117bf1cdf93a6ac",
        "messageId": "81384914-1111-2222-3333-1e0d04abecc8",
        "topicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:12341231234:mycompany-us-east-1-prod-infra_critical",
        "timestamp": "2020-04-22 00:47:55.776"
    "delivery": {
        "deliveryId": "dec8f3b9-1111-2222-3333-a4a0f6ab38e0",
        "destination": "",
        "providerResponse": "Accepted",
        "dwellTimeMs": 416,
        "attempts": 1,
        "statusCode": 202
    "status": "SUCCESS"

still no incident created… this is on a new vanilla instance… all I’ve done so far is created a service, and added Cloudwatch Integration… This message is being created by a COMPOSITE alarm triggering SNS which then hits the URL.

HI Dan,

As this is a subject that requires more sensitive information, can you reach our directly to the support team on with the details of what service you are sending it to on your Pagerduty account.

Once I have this I can take a closer look.

Kind regards,

Hi John, I’ve already sent one in: #253650

They’re telling me as I suspected, that the content of the message is different and not being accepted by PagerDuty.

I would imagine that a composite alarm should be accepted the same as a regular alarm, correct?

They have provided me with a workaround using a custom event type, but this will likely be quite a bit more difficult (and probably unreliable) for me to implement.

No word in the ticket that I see about any commitment or plans to update on the PagerDuty side.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for that - I have let them know about your community ticket also but will keep the back and forth in one place for now to ensure no context is lost!