Close Incident when alert comes in

I was wondering if it is possible to close an incident with a new alert from the same source.
I am using Mezmo to check for BFD alerts but have no way of closing the incident automatically when the link comes back up.
So I was hoping to use an up alert from Mezmo to close the incident that is created by the down alert, is there anything that can do this within Pagerduty, or would it be best to look at Mezmo?

Sorry if this has already been asked or documented.

If you are using the PagerDuty integration within Mezmo there should exist a setting to auto-resolve the incident.

Yeah, have seen that but doesn’t fit the use case we are aiming for, unfortunately.
As it will only close the incident based on:

  • The number of log lines to appear
  • The timeframe within which that number of log lines appears
    Was hoping we could close it based on the link up line coming through.