Channel Property 'body' for Email Integrations

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the contents of an incident/alert created as a result of an inbound email integration, using the REST APIv2 like documented here:

Incoming emails are processed by the event rules and incidents/alerts are created as expected – however, when attempting to read the channel propert(y|ies) for the log_entry type ‘trigger_log_entry’, only the ‘summary’ channel property is available.

There was a very similar thread back in October of '18 where the log_entries[ ]= parameter needed to be pluralized to ‘channels’ instead of ‘channel’, but that also does not appear to work anymore.

Mentioned in the above documentation is that the available channel properties were only reflective of what existed at the time of writing, and it seems per the disclaimer that the important details in the email ‘body’ property are no longer available via the API.

Is this truly the case? If so, is there maybe a different resource where I can programmatically access the important details in an email’s body for a given incident/alert/log_entry?

Thank you very much for your time!

Hi @tb,

You should be able to get the content of the email alert by making a call to the endpoint
get_incidents_id_log_entries. The call does have the include[]channels syntax.
I hope that helps.


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Thank you Chiedu, after looking closer at my code I now see the channel properties I was looking for.


Hi Kyle,

I hope you don’t mind me stepping in here for my colleague Chiedu. Thanks for coming back and confirming. We are glad that you were able to get this working.

I will go ahead and close this out for you. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact PagerDuyt Support at