Channel.details field data type is unpredictable

If I create Incident via REST API then it can only allow string type for Details.
If I create incident via PagerDuty UI then it can only allow string type value for Description.
If I create incident via Event API then it will allow key value pair in Details.

There are 3 ways I found to create incidents in pagerduty.

Now, If I load incident to get first trigger entry and from that I can get Channel.details field value.

Question is in some cases it can contain String while in some cases it can contain Map, So I would like to understand this behavior ? Is this valid behavior ?

Hi Hardik,

Thanks for reaching out on community! Correct they are the 3 ways to trigger incidents on Pagerduty. Can you share some snippets of the differences in responses that concerns you so we can be a bit more specific?

Please do remember as community is a public forum, not share any account specific info, if you would like to share more sensitive information with us do so over our direct


Hi hardik,

Sorry about the inconsistencies. Requires more code, but I think you can use the type field to predict what the format will be.

For example, if you trigger in the PagerDuty UI:
"type": "web_trigger"