Changes coming to PagerDuty app IDs

Hello :wave:,

I’m a product manager working on app development tools at PagerDuty.

I’m posting this to let you know that we’re making an operational improvement that requires us to change external identifiers for all PagerDuty apps created in our new app framework. This shouldn’t have any impact on your actual app, but if you’ve bookmarked your app config page, it may appear broken because of this ID change.

We plan to make this change in mid April and will update this post with a more precise time once it becomes available.

My app config page says “Not Found”. What should I do?

  • Click on My Apps in the top navigation
  • Select your app from the list and update any bookmarks you have for your app config page

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.53.32 PM

If your app does not appear on the list, contact our support team. We’ll help you resolve any issues.

Thanks for building with PagerDuty and feel free to ask questions here!