Change Your Login Email Address

In PagerDuty, your login email address is set by clicking your avatar in the top right corner, selecting My Profile, and going to the User Settings tab. Click the edit icon to the right to update your email address.

:key: Note: For added security, we require your password to confirm changes to your login email address. This prevents anybody else with access to your computer from changing your PagerDuty login email address without your knowledge.

I need to reset my password…


This process is the same for admins that need to change another user’s login email address. Simply go to Configuration → Users, click on the user you want to update and go to the User Settings tab. Just like updating your own login email address, you will need to enter your password to confirm the change.

Hi! I’m trying to change my email address from the Avatar > Preferences option, and it messaged my new address to confirm access, but even with my account logged in before clicking, I’m getting a “That page doesn’t exist or is private.” error. I tried updating to the email address a second time, and it still didn’t work. I also confirmed that the link didn’t work but also display an error; my old email address still appears in settings.