Change service name

How to change service name? When I try to put any new name I get error “The service name has already been taken.”

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Hey Jan,

Ryan from PagerDuty support here. It sounds like you are trying to name the Service something that has already been taken. Please note that Service’s cannot share names, so you will need to pick a name that is unique to that Service.

Once you have a unique name, you should be able to change the Service name accordingly.

I hope this helps!


I wish it would be so simple :slight_smile: but it’s not. I think it’s a bug in code. Just tried to change my service to “iriufjcnwbg2hjhbqk34n” or “dsa dasd234ed bghgfh 6546fdgdf” it gives me the same error and I’m pretty sure those name are non existent in database.

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Hey Jan,

Thanks for trying that. Could you please submit a ticket to so we can grab some more information from you outside of this public forum?

We can investigate further from there.


We are seeing the same error whenever we try to rename a service. Any update?

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We just faced the same issue.

We were able to change the service name last week, but this week it failed.
After some trail and error, including trying to change the name through the API, we realized that when the “Intelligent Alert Grouping” was enabled we were unable to change the service name, however after canceling it the process was working fine.

We believe it is related to a paywall that also blocks us from seeing the underlying error for the change.

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We’re seeing the same issue. Tried to change service name but getting “The service name has already been taken.” error.

I’ve got the same case as well. I’ve tried various attempts (against a new empty service as well) and it seems to be an incorrect dependency notification (against service name/description!!!) behind “The service name has already been taken.”

As Gal Artsi mentioned “AIOps add-on” might be the cause. Unfortunately, it is not disabled automatically once the trial is over and there is no way to switch it off as the switcher is blocked within Free-account.

I ended up deleting old services and creating new ones. Interestingly, I’m able to change the name of the new services with no problem. So it must be something to do with older services. Definitely a bug.

Hi folks. This is a bug related to some trial features. @eugene.dimov @matthew.marcus (and whoever else finds this thread!) if you send your * subdomain to us, we’ll fix it.

Update: Engineering has deployed a fix for this issue. If you still have trouble on your accounts, please open a ticket with support so a new bug can be logged!


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