Change Routing from Custom Event Transformer (CET)


Due to differences in each monitoring tool’s events JSON payloads, I’m trying to standardise these to conform to a single format. This helps avoid replicating rules in the global ruleset to match the same conditions for various tools, as addressed here. The Custom Event Transformer (CET) is perfect for this use-case!

Unfortunately, CET is only supported by Service Event rules at the moment, as per the Rulesets Types documentation. And Service Event rules does not support API interaction, as per this thread.

As a result, we were looking to route normalised events from the CET to the Global Event ruleset directly, where we can leverage the API for automation. Simply put, I would expect to pass in routing_key or service_key directly within the JavaScript code to route the event, as required. Supporting Events API v2 would be a bonus nice-to-have!

Raised this in conjunction with a support ticket, thanks.

Hi @RD,

Adding CET to Global Rulesets is on our medium to long term roadmap as we want to make the Rules Authoring experience as apples to apples between Service and Global Event Rules.

Thanks for bringing this up!


Hi @SeanNoble,

That’s really promising to hear, as we’ve been trying to follow up with our CSM regarding this feature request. The CET is an excellent tool for its purpose but being limited to a service integration is far too restrictive.

Does the roadmap plan include:

  • The ability to set the routing_key via the JavaScript code?
  • Compatibility with Events API v2?