Can we export our data, other than incident data? Just integrations and extensions.

Can I export my account to get a list of ALL integrations and extensions? We have to move from one account into another existing account and would like to get the full list of what we have now.

Hi Derek,

You aren’t able to export data about integrations and extensions in the web UI, however, you would be able to pull all this data by getting these objects via the REST API. You can List Services and include[] integrations. You can also List Extensions to get back details about all extensions in your account.

If you are hoping to fully migrate one PagerDuty account into another, we may also be able to help with that. In order to kick off that process, I would recommend reaching out to your Account Manager or if you’re not in touch with them, the Support Team here via email.

Thanks. Can I also change the limit of the response?

Looks like I can get up to 100, but I have 212 services.

So I would have to do a couple offsets and just combine it after?