Can pagerduty send http requests to other apps when an Incident is created?

I’m trying to integrate an app that can receive http request thru its rest api.
Can PD send a request to that webhook when an Incident is created?


Hello Cesar,

If you include the endpoint as a Generic Webhook to the Service in question. That way when an Incident is triggered off the Service, a webhook will be sent to the endpoint.


Look at Webhook v3 subscriptions as the current best practice. You’ll have fine-grained control over what you need to send.

Hi Chiedu
How can I “include” the endpoint as a Generic Webhook v3?
When I click on Integrations>Developer Tools>Generic Webhook V3 , it gives me the option to write my endpoint but not the body or parameters to that endpoint.

Also how do I relate this webhook to my incident service?

When you create a new Webhook v3 subscription, you will include the endpoint you plan on sending it to, and select the scope as ‘service’ and then the service you want to get webhooks from for each incident. It is not possible to customize the webhook body. If you need to perform transformations of the webhook payload to work with your target endpoint, you’ll need to do that in the target (or in a middleware component like an AWS Lambda).