Can pagerduty create a zendesk ticket?

We are thinking about providing our customers with a number to call that can page our engineers. Is it possible to have pager duty send an API call to zendesk when that number is called to create a zendesk ticket using a specific form with a specific priority?

I’d suggest looking at our Live Call Routing (LCR) offering ( You can have them dial a number, that will call the on-call engineer (live, press 1 to create an incident, etc), create a PagerDuty incident, and that can flow over to Zendesk to create a ticket/case there.

Apologies, did you take a look at step 4) here:

I mis-read this as synch’ing back rather than triggering new tickets.

Thank you for the reply, and explanation. I appreciate that!

In order for AWS Lambda, Zapier, or IFTTT to receive a webhook do we have to have a subscription that supports the pagerduty runbook automation? I see that costs about $125 per user per month

Any guidance on the requirements for this to work would help, or any resources you could point me to. I’m not a dev by any means, I’m a support manager, so I am going to need a little hand holding :smiley: