Can I inherit a schedule from another

I have four layers (shifts) in my primary schedule. At any one time, two people work. The problem I am facing is, the pager duty goes to one person from that schedule that is who ever is at the top layer.

I want the pager duty to go to the second person on call as well just so no one misses it. For that I have created a second schedule which is the same as the primary schedule but this one contains only 2 rows, lets say row 1 and 3.

Now I have to maintain these two schedules separately although they are the same, the only difference is schedule 2 contains only the 2 layers from schedule 1 which is the primary schedule.

is there a way so that I can inherit schedule 2 from 1 (lets say row 1 and 3) so when I update the primary schedule, schedule 2 is automatically updated with layer 1 and 3 of the primary? That could be so beneficial if it not already implemented. Can this be done presently?

Hi Akhammad,

The bottommost layer of PagerDuty schedules always takes precedence, so if you are attempting to notify multiple users via a schedule, it will not work. The best way to notify multiple users at once is by using an Escalation Policy with multiple targets. Have you been able to add these schedules to an Escalation Policy so that the correct users are notified on your Primary schedule, and users on your Secondary schedule are notified thereafter? Here are some examples of Primary and Secondary schedules you could add to your Escalation Policy.

We do not currently provide the functionality to inherit schedules so that changes to one schedule reflect in another schedule, though Iā€™d be happy to pass along this feedback to our Product Team on your behalf.