Can I customize my homepage ?

Can I have a differtent homepage instead of my User Page? Please see attachment

Hi Manuela,

Thanks for reaching out! The default landing page after logging in via should actually be the “Incidents” page. The fact that you’re ending up on the User Page indicates you may not be using the default sign in URL of

To “change” what page you are directed to after logging in, you can try navigating to the URL of the page you’d like to see before you are logged in. This will create a new sign in URL that automatically redirects you to the page you entered. For example, to be directed to the On-Call Schedules page, you would enter the following URL before you are logged in:

Which will then update to the following sign-in URL:

After signing in with the above URL (be sure to replace the placeholder text with your subdomain name first), you’ll be redirected to the On-Call Schedules page.

I hope the above helps!


Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support