Can I create a monthly schedule rotation?

We don’t have out of the box functionality for creating a monthly rotation (first day of the month until last day of the month) at this time. However, the suggested workaround is to create a blank schedule and then set up each shift using overrides.

We do however have an open feature request for this. Feel free to ping us at to be added to the open feature request or comment directly on this thread!

Register my vote for a monthly schedule feature… the ability to switch on-call users at a specified day/time each month. The override approach is very cumbersome. Thanks for the consideration.

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We only do monthly rotations in our small team, so disappointed to see this is not a basic feature.

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Hi Tyler,

I’m on the Product team at PagerDuty. Thank you for adding to the request! We are hoping to explore this issue over the next year. If you’re interested in being involved in any exploratory interviews or early access programs we might have around this problem, please leave your PagerDuty login email or subdomain and I’ll reach out when we have updates.

Thank you!

Following this thread, as I was looking for a way to set a schedule on a monthly basis.

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Katie, please add me;

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+1 to this feature request. It would be nice to have this out of the box without having to set up overrides.