Can I configure the notifications and the calendar appearance of the secondary schedule?


My manager and I switch weekly on call shifts between us. We also back one another up, so when the one who’s on call doesn’t answer, the other gets the call. For this I use secondary schedules.
My question is if there’s an option to make the secondary schedule not to send a notification for coming up or for beginning. Also, I’d like to control whether it goes to the calendar or not.
The problem when I can’t configure these functionalities, is that one actually never goes off call, because the secondary schedule behaves the same as the primary one.


Hi Shalom,

It sounds like you want to control when you receive on-call hand-off notifications and you only want to receive it for the primary schedule and not the secondary schedule. The way we currently have this set up is we control it at the escalation policy object so if both schedules are on the same EP, they can opt to receive the On-Call Hand-Off Notifications for both schedules or neither schedule.

There’s more information here:

Definitely feel free to put this into the Feature Request section so our Product Team can take a look further for you!

Thank you,

Thanks, Alexa.