Can GitLab Changes Integration only be associated with certain alerts?

We have alert services in pagerduty that involve all alerts coming from newrelic. Is it possible to have a gitlab change integration only be associated with a specific alert? From my understanding it seems if I apply the integration onto the service it will be associated with all alerts coming through?

Hi Justin.

The change events integrations from platforms like Gitlab are associated with a service rather than an incident or alert. They help you track the incoming changes to that service.

So they’re a bit different from regular events and show up differently in the UI. You’ll see them in the Activity tab of a service, but they’ll be in their own list below the open incidents for the service. They’re meant as extra information about the state of the service in general. While an introduced change might be the source of an incident, plenty of changes don’t result in incidents at all, so they’re not processed as alerts.

Hope that helps! We had Buildkite on our Twitch channel last year to talk more about Change Events if you’d like to see them in action: