Can an event payload contain an incident for creation?

What I am looking to do is monitor several different reports and if one fails create an incident for the report owner. If the report owner does not acknowledge within x minutes escalate to reports manager.

Is this possible?

How will you find out that a report failed to be created? Are you sending an event/alert into PagerDuty from some other tool/script when this happens?

If so, yes, you can route that event/alert into a service that you’ve configured with an escalation policy containing the report owner and their manager who could be notified after X minutes if not ack’d by the report owner.

Yeah using python to pick up the failure and send the event into PagerDuty. In my situation I will have multiple reports with multiple report owners an one manager. Can I have only one service? and then depending on which report fails only that report owner gets notified? Or if I only have one service will all report owners get notified any time a report fails?

I was thinking if it was possible to embed an Incident in an event payload then depending on the report that fails, only contact the owner associated with it, all under one service, is that possible?

Or would it be better to have a service for each report, with the report owner contacted first then escalated to the manager after?

A couple of options, one being a unique service per report owner and routing the incoming event/alert via Event API into that service. Your event rules could inspect the payload and decide which service to send it to.

Another option would be one service, but instead of sending in an event/alert via Event API and routing into a service, you could use the REST API and create the incident and assign it to the correct responder and/or escalation policy based on logic in your python script.

There are advantages of one service per report/owner such as the option to take automation actions such as running a response play, triggering a remediation action, grouping, etc. as well as metrics/KPIs and reports in the context of that report/owner (a bit more challenging with one service approach).