Calling an Api and updating ticket

Can someone guide me how can I create a custom action which would call an external api and update the incident with the output of the api.

Any high level guidance on this would be appreciated. Sorry, I am relatively new here and just would like to understand the high level steps to achieve this.


You can create Custom Incident Actions (press a button on incident), Event Triggered Webhooks (press a button on incident or send automatically) or Webhook v2/v3 configurations (send automatically) to send PagerDuty webhooks to external endpoints. In most cases you’l need to transform the PagerDuty webhook into a format and API request that your remote system can receive/process.

Thank you Doug. E.g if I call an external api via custom incident action and my external api returns a string value, can I update my Incident with that return value?

This would require something that can process your API response and parse it back into a PagerDuty API request to update the PagerDuty incident.

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Ah… so seems all the calls are asynchronous. Thanks Doug, this helps.