Being able to add attachments like screenshots to incidents

We were used to adding images like screenshots to our incident reports before moving to PagerDuty, so we are very much missing this feature in PagerDuty. A picture often can say more than a 1000 words. It’s also offered by competitors like Opsgenie in their Standard or Enterprise Plans.

Please note that this is similar to the feature request of adding images to post-mortems.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out on our Community page. Sorry to say this is not something we support at this time, but we have added your +1 to the internal feature request.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

This would be a great feature. Please give priority.

Yes this is much needed for my team also. Please +1 more to request

Yes this is much needed for my team also. Please +1 more to request

This would be a great feature. Please +1 more to request. Thanks

I think this feature is very relevant, as screenshots are extremely useful for sharing context about the status of some incidents, for example when there are metrics triggering alarms and you want to share the plot with the timeline

Hi @alberto.corrales, we have an open feature request to add attachments to incidents - your comment has been added to the idea as an upvote! :point_up:

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The Sooner you add this feature, the better… we are transitioning from Zendesk to PD, this seems very basic and a huge miss.

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Jumping back here to share that while this feature isn’t currently implemented, one workaround would be using Custom Fields: you can attach a URL to an incident which can link out to an image.

+1 Adding screenshots is a basic feature. The fact that it’s supported by this Community system itself, but isn’t supported in PD is a big gap.

See screenshot included in this comment: