Azure Integration Support for Azure Resource Health Alerts

Azure Resource Health Alerts are not correctly handled by the Azure Monitor integration in PagerDuty. Per the marketing material for PagerDuty, “new” Azure Alerts and Platform alerts are supposed to be supported. Please add this essential and out of the box Azure alert to the integration.

Example log entry: R3ME22H4JRW3CZ3AW741NDZN6H


“client”: “Azure Resource Health”,
“description”: “Unknown”,
“event_type”: “trigger”,
“incident_key”: “255ece0b-1394-4e77-9bdf-932298665021”,
“service_key”: “e086c210058d4104c0ed72b16aaa0fef”,
“details”: {
“cause”: “Unknown”,
“currentHealthStatus”: “Unavailable”,
“details”: “Unknown”,
“previousHealthStatus”: “Available”,
“title”: “Unknown”,
“type”: “Downtime”

Marketing Material saying this is supported:

What types of Azure alerts are supported?

PagerDuty currently supports the following alerts from Microsoft Azure webhooks:

*** Platform-level metrics for Azure services**

  • Application Insights (for standard and custom metrics)
  • Autoscale Notifications
  • Audit Log Events
    *** New Azure Alerts**

Azure’s Resource Health Schema:

Correct, there are only certain source alert types/schemas supported. Suggest raising a Feature Request here!