AWS Personal Health Dashboard API name change?

Have PagerDuty changed the name of the AWS Personal Health Dashboard integration from:
AWS Personal Health Dashboard
AWS Health Dashboard

If so was this intentional and is it a permanent change?

I use Terraform to manage all of my PagerDuty resources and this change, if confirmed, has ruined my day since we use a Terraform data source to retrieve the integration by name.

Right now I need to make emergency changes just to be able to use Terraform for anything.

I need an answer on this ASAP. this page is still showing the original name so Iā€™m guessing this change is limited to the API?


For anyone else who checks in on this question the answer is yes, the name of the AWS Personal Health Dashboard integration was changed to AWS Health Dashboard within the PagerDuty API.

Whilst this was done to match the original name change by AWS it seems that the ramifications of this to Terraform users was either not considered important or not considered at all.

The issues remains that Terraform Data Sources for PagerDuty Integrations use the API name of the integration to retrieve them. In such cases the you would really hope that the attribute used to access an artefact from an API would be immutable but in this case it is not.

The only way to truly resolve this would be to create an immutable name for the integration and use that as the identifying attribute for Terraform data sources.