AWS Cloudwatch to Pagerduty for AWS RDS Alarms

Hi Team,

I have recently started using Pagerduty for my Org and we have more than 100 alarms to be triggered to Pagerduty. I have created a new service with Integration type: AWS CloudWatch with all other default settings. I have referred this AWS Cloudwatch to Pagerduty and followed till the end. But still, any alert for RDS is not triggering Pagerduty Calls/Message/Email.

Kindly help me on this as it’s affecting our business.

Hello Hussain,

Thanks for reaching out on our community page. This sounds like we need to take a closer look at what events are being sent to us, and as this is a public forum we do not recommend sharing private info. Can you create a new ticket with the support team on with a link to the Service where you have this integrated and timestamp, including timezone of when you have sent events?.

Kind regards,