Automatically notify responders when incident is resolved

When an incident is resolved is there a way to automatically notify/update all responders and or subscribers without manually creating a status update?

Hello Olivia,

Thank you for your inquiry! There is currently not a way to automatically notify responders and subscribers when an incident has been resolved.

I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve, and pass along your feedback to our Product team.

Can you please explain in more detail the pain you are experiencing, and how it will be solved by this request?


Hi Jonathan,

Essentially we want to ensure everyone who has responded to an incident or is subscribed to an incident knows exactly when an incident is marked resolved. Currently there is no way for us to automatically notify them. It would be great if you could run a response play based on an action for an incident or automatically send out a message when an incident is resolved. Currently we have to do this manually which is just one more step that our engineers need to remember.

Thanks so much and please let me know if I can provide any more details.


Hi Olivia,

You might want to check out Pliantā€“ you can set response automation to send notifications based on your PagerDuty incident status changes (when an incident becomes resolved) by Slack or by sending an automatic email to a list.

You can integrate your IT infrastructure and automate many components of your incident responseā€“be sure to check out our plugin on the PagerDuty Integrations page under ā€œInfrastructure Automationā€:

I hope this helps!