Automatically create new slack channel for incidents?

Hi, we currently use Blameless specifically for the Slack channels that get automatically created for new incidents. We are planning to stop using Blameless and use PagerDuty-created incident-specific slack channels instead. However from what I can tell the only way to start a slack channel for a new incident is to do so manually either from the PagerDuty UI or from the PD slack notification by going to More Actions > View | Create channel. Is there a way to automatically create this channel for incidents on a given service, either as a configuration in PD itself or through an automation tool like Zapier?

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Thanks for reaching out on our Community Page! Sorry to say that this is not something we have right not but thank you for your feedback - that said we will share this with our product team and let them know what you are looking for.


Hey, this is something we would also really like to have. I have seen this in Firehydrant’s runbooks and their setup is pretty great.


Is there any update regarding this requested feature? It is something we would really like to implement.