Automate OnCall Scheduling Exclusions for User Vacations

As most here, we use PagerDuty OnCall extensively in our team and we have a large team that is very dynamic. We rotate the on-call schedule, and have to manually coordinate our vacation schedules with others on the list (overrides & such, IF we can find someone willing to switch who is also not scheduled for the same vacation time). It’s a bit of a regular awkward hassle. …and then when people are added/removed, the schedule shifts around, and we have to re-coordinate all over for any new conflicts or un-override the switches that are now no longer needed.

While we could continue this process indefinitely via the inefficient/manual combination of Outlook & Slack & PD, it would be MUCH easier if this were automated in PD - even if only slightly less manual.

Proposed Feature Request
If team members could simply put their vacation days into a personal “PD vacation calendar”, then when PD is re-allocating schedules for the users, it could simply skip assigning someone as OnCall during their vacation dates (shift them to before/after their vacation). Then there would be no more regular time-consuming coordination, awkward conversations about switching, re-evaluation every time the roster is re-shuffled with new persons, etc. Overrides would then only be needed for cases of emergencies or oversights.

An automated approach like this would reduce a lot of overhead across our team. I figured I would raise the feature request, because I’m guessing we’re not the only team regularly impacted by this issue.

Thanks for the consideration!

Hello Clint,

The feature request has been logged with the Product Team.

Please do register and keep an eye on the What’s New page for details of new features.

Kind regards,

Thank you for logging that with Product, Chiedu!
Good tip, I will make sure to watch the “What’s New” page. :+1: