Auto snooze a specific incident until business hours.

I have a specific incident say “Fans down…” that is a high priority during business hours so I get alerts accordingly. However, during nonbusiness hours I would prefer this incident to be snoozed until next business day.

Currently, what I’ve done is set up service event rules to look for “Fans” in the summary and downgrades severity to warning so there are no alerts during nonbusiness hours. It will be logged to the slack channel still, but there’s no alerts otherwise. Is there a way to just auto snooze this alert during off hours and then it can resume alerts during business hours?

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for reaching out! I think the best solution here would rather be to set up a mix of Event Rules and Dynamic Notifications in your Service Settings:

With Dynamic Notifications, you can set set all incidents to be created with low urgency or urgency based on severity, and then raise the urgency to high during work hours.

Please let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!