Auto resolve time limit via events api?

I have a tool that’s creating alerts via the events api

Someone asked me if it was possible to set a time limit to resolve triggered alerst created by my tool. I was wondering:

  • can you specify somewhere in the POST to the events api to automatically resolve after a certain time period?
  • can you specify on the events api integration in the service to automatically resolve after a time limit?

Or is there another possible way auto-resolve specifically on my triggered events on the specific integration through automation built into pager duty?

thank you

You can set the auto-resolve time limit on a service object in the webUI or via the RESTful API but there is no way to carry that information in with the common event format payload. It would be neat if there were :thinking:

Could your tool keep track of the events it has triggered and then send an "event_action": "resolve" event to the events api after N time has passed?

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