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It appears the page for Incidents does not auto-refresh, so the information goes stale quickly, and it can be confusing if we don’t remember to refresh the page. Ideally the page would auto-refresh on an incident status change or a new incident comes in, or at least refresh periodically.

Edit: speaking of the list of incidents. It seems to refresh the status of a particular incident when in that incident

Hi Preston,

I would be more than happy to pass this along to our product team as a feature request for you.

If you had any additional details you would like me to include in the request for auto-refreshing please let me know.

I find it will refresh the contents periodically (every couple of minutes) unless you have an Incident unfurled.

Yep, although it’s not live like an individual incident detail page, the Incidents dashboard does auto-refresh every few minutes. Would definitely be nicer if it was live as well.

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It would be useful to our team if the incidents page had a live-update feature (i.e. updates are streamed to the incidents view without refreshing the page).

We’re trying to switch from another in-house alerting system. The old system has a view where you can see all active alerts for the team. This view updates in realtime (typically < 1 second latency). Most members of the team keep this view open all the time so that they can be aware of any prod issues, even if they’re not oncall.

PagerDuty doesn’t seem to have a replacement for this functionality. The incidents page seems to auto-refresh but only every few minutes so it’s not nearly realtime. Also, the refresh works via a page reload instead of WebSockets/AJAX, so it creates a visual distraction as the page is re-rendered.

This request is also related to this use-case.

Hey @kerrick.staley,
The auto-request feature is available in the Visibility Console for PagerDuty AIOps.

Data flows into the Visibility Console in real-time and each module auto-refreshes every 30 seconds.

Learn more:

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