Authorize Slack Extension for a Service with Pager Duty Rest API

Currently with pdpyras I can send a post to session.rpost(’/extensions’, json=pd_json) and create an extension. I want to know if there is a way to authorize that extension through the api and create the slack webhook that is created when you manually click authorize under the gear in the details section of the extension under the integrations tab for the service . Each of our extensions has that has been manually authorized has a “configuration_url”: “” that is created when it is authorized, you can see a Webhooks for it under the PagerDuty app in slack, and is viewable when you list the extensions through the rest api. Any possible way to do this with the rest api?


There is a workaround on how to authorise the extension via the the REST API that was proffered in this post. Do take a look and me know how you get along.