Auth Code Grant Flow refresh token


I’ve registered an app, and can quite happily generate an access token using the Auth Code Grant Flow. Alongside the access token, we get a refresh token returned - but there’s nothing (that I can find) in the developer documentation that tells us how to go about using the refresh token to generate a new access token. I’ve tried a post to the oauth/token endpoint, with a grant type of refresh_token and all other usual bits of information provided, but get a 401 returned with the following error:

The request is missing a required parameter, includes an unsupported parameter value, or is otherwise malformed.

Does anyone have an example of this working?


Hi Steve,

Right now, OAuth access tokens do not expire, so a refresh token isn’t needed.

Sometime in the future, we plan to have expiration dates for tokens, so we’ve included the refresh token for backwards compatibility. Before we make this change, we will notify OAuth developers well in advance. Sorry for the confusion.