Assignee is null when status goes from triggered to resolved in Webhook V3

Hi there, I’m continuing the effort to transfer from V2 webhooks to V3 webhooks, but have admittedly hit a bit of a snag. I’ve noticed a difference in functionality between the two:

In V2, when a PagerDuty alert is transitioned from “triggered” to “resolved” (no acknowledgment) the webhook payload contains whoever is set as the target of the escalation policy as the assignee.

In V3, when a PagerDuty alert is transitioned from “triggered” to “resolved” (no acknowledgment) the webhook payload is null where we would expect to find the assignee.

In order to replicate the behavior of V2 in V3, I would have to make a call to the PagerDuty API to get the escalation policy that is named in the V3 Webhook payload and then parse through the escalation policy in order to find the target.

Is this intended functionality? Or is this a bug that I’ve discovered?

Hi Austin,

Thanks for reaching out to PagerDuty.

We do have an article on the payload differences between V3 and V2 in our Knowledge base here.

V3 does have an event_agent field which indicates who or what initiated the event. You can see an example payload on our developer page here.

If you are having issues with your V3 webhook and not seeing this information, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to investigate this further.

Kind regards,

Rebekah Dawkins
Technical Support Specialist I

Thanks Rebekah!

V2 actually has the same agent field (albeit in log_entry), so this isn’t so much an issue of payload difference between v2 and v3 as it is a difference of functionality. I’ll also end up getting different results because the event_agent will not necessarily be the same user as the target of the escalation_policy.

This will definitely work though and it’ll be much easier than calling for the escalation policy, so thank you for your help!