Assign secondary when primary is already working an incident.

When a second, non duplicate, incident is created on a service is there a way to automatically assign this new incident to a secondary team to avoid overwhelming the primary team? The intent is to not interrupt the recovery efforts of the first incident. Instead we would like to notify a different user.

Hi Chris,

Have you taken a look at our Round Robin Scheduling feature? You can find more information on that here:

Essentially, this is a way for users or schedules within the same escalation level to be sequentially assigned incidents and helps to distribute workload and incident assignment amongst the users.

If you have any specific questions about your use case and how Round Robin would work, feel free to reach out to us at and we can assist you further!


Qisthy Kodarusman

Round Robin does not look like a good option for our use. We want this automatic rotation to a secondary responder to happen only if the primary responder is on an active incident. If the primary team resolves their incident we want them to begin getting assigned again. With Round Robin this would not necessarily happen. If we did not receive a second, concurrent, incident the next one would go to secondary even though primary is now available.

You could explore using our Runbook Automation solution in such a way that when an incident is assigned (ownership), the next one could be interested and routed to the secondary team member to then “acknowledge” and take ownership over. This process could cycle based on incoming incidents and using “acknowledgment” as the indicator of an active incident by a team member. When both are working on active incidents, any new incidents can remain in a “triggered” state until they can be routed to a free team member.