Are dynamically delayed notifications possible?

Hi there! Suppose an incident happens during a gap in the schedule. If I want this incident to notify the next person on-call once their time slot begins, is there a way to achieve this behavior? Thanks!

Hi Jack,

When there are gaps in a schedule, incidents do not trigger because there is no scheduled user on call to receive the notification. If you have an escalation policy associated to the schedule, you can make changes to it to assign the incident to the next escalation level with an on-call responder If nobody is on-call in the first level.

For more information about how escalation policies work, see: Escalation policy: Targets and limitations.

Another way to achieve is by creating permanent user on-call for the service and to enable Defined Support Hours to adjust the Severity to Control Urgency of the incoming incidents during off hours. Low-urgency incidents can trigger outside of your defined support hours, then re-trigger as high-urgency during support hours. This way, the on call user will be notified of the triggered incidents.

Ok, yeah I think support hours are probably the best way to achieve functionality nearest the aforementioned desired behavior. Thanks for the guidance!

Hello Jack,

Not a problem.