API V2 integration with Azure


We are setting up an Orchestration which is sent to through the V2 API.
We want to get our Azure Alert Action Group to send to the Orchestration, however it doesn’t appear to be possible?

From what I can understand the V2 API requires that integration key is sent in the payload, as a part of the body, with it keyed by routing_key.

However, with the Azure webhooks (which would be our preferred means to send the alert (as opposed to, say, an e-mail)) the only thing that can be specified is the URL.

We tried to add the routing_key as a parameter in the query, but it was not liked (bad request); and we tried to send it using the V1 path (which has the integration key as part of the path), however whilst that successfully sent it never reached the orchestration.
n.b. we had set the orchestration to default to a service and tested it by sending an e-mail, which successfully went to the default service… i.e. the orchestration worked.

Does anyone know how send to the API V2 from Azure?

Hi Edward,

Thanks for reaching out on our community page!

Can you reach out to our support team directly by emailing us to support@pagerduty.com with this question so we can take a look your Azure integration and Orchestration configurations towards the PagerDuty Service?

Can you also can provide some more details about your instance and any screenshots notes/errors pertaining to sending events to the Orchestration Key. As this would contain private/sensitive information we would not recommend you sharing it on the public forum here.


Best Regards,
Technical Support Specialist

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