API Reporting User is Still on Schedule

Removed a user via the gui from all schedules and escalation policies last week. The API was still reporting the user was on the schedule as of Monday morning. I was able to delete the user in the gui without it throwing the error that the user was still on a schedule. Is this a bug or is there another reference to the user somewhere that’s not obvious in the gui.

Hi @JoshuaWood, can you clarify if you were using the On calls endpoint and including this schedule ID? If so, and no since parameter was included, I would expect it to include the current on-call user. If this isn’t the behavior you are seeing, please email support@pagerduty.com with the details and we would be happy to take a further look.

I was using the schedules endpoint. The user was on the schedule for earlier this month. Is there a default value for “since”? If this was the case I would have expected to see this behavior earlier. More specifically I was drilling down the schedules.users.summary


Thanks for that detail. What I understand is that the call was to the endpoint get_schedules_id_users, is that right? Without a since value, all users that have been on the schedule will be pulled but the deleted ones will be specified. It would be more effective if you specify the period over which you want details regarding.