API client support for Python 2.7

Officially, Python 2.7 has been unsupported by the Python community since the beginning of calendar year 2020. However, as pdpyras is a pretty low-maintenance project that doesn’t frequently get feature requests, and many organizations still use Python 2.7 (based on a user-agent header survey), I personally don’t think our API client for Python should be in any hurry to follow suit unless Python 2.7 usage shrinks to a negligible amount.

Hence, I’m advocating for deferring any enhancements that require features exclusive to Python 3.x and dropping support for Python 2.7 at the end of January 2021 or as soon as Python 2.7 usage becomes extremely uncommon. It is also our intention to add a deprecation warning for Python 2.7 in a near future version between now and then.

Please let me know if you have any questions.