Any plans to "expose" creating new slack channel feature in the PagerDuty mobile app.?

Hi Pagerduty community,

I added the new slack V2 integration to a new service in our PagerDuty environment as per screenshot attached.

I see the option to create slack channel from my browser when accessing Pagerduty from my laptop…

My Question - Are there any plans to provide this same functionality when using the Pagerduty mobile app?

It’s not there…see attached screenshot below from my cell phone…if I missed it…pls. let me know.



Hi Dawud!

I’m Chandler, the product manager for Mobile at PagerDuty. I hear you that it would be helpful to have the slack channel functionality in mobile. We don’t have plans to add this to the mobile app soon, but it’s on our radar.

One thing that might help is to add the link to the description or set the conference bridge link to the slack channel after you’ve created it, that way others on your team can access it easily.


thanks Sarah for information and the update.

By the way, the use case for this type of scenario

Ex. Say you are away from the office or in transit (in your car / public transit) and an issue comes up, the bridge is already open, however, you want to open a slack channel without having to open a laptop (while driving or on bart , etc.)

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