Another way to page On-Call person of low urgency incidents when support hours start

Hi there,

Is there another way to raise the urgency of all open (and low urgency) incidents once on-call hours begin? Under the Support Hours setting, I have the tick box “Raise urgency of unacknowledged incidents to high” checked for “Low Urgency alerts” but would like to use “Dynamic notifications based on event severity” in which “Raise urgency of unacknowledged incidents to high” does not exist.

Hello Rachel,

Thanks for reaching out on our community space. When using support hours in this way, you would need to either select high and low urgency during on and off support hours, then allowing urgency to be raised as mentioned, we do not support this option during ‘dynamic’ urgency settings, as the idea is that the incident is set as it is intended to come in as.

Happy to take your feedback however and share this with the product team.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA