Android Notification Sound Repeat?

I have a Pixel 3a phone with Android 10 installed. I configured my notification sound as follows:

Settings / High-Urgency Notification Settings / Advanced / Sound / My Sounds / PD - Morse Code

This works as expected (I think). When I send a test notification, I hear a brief sequence of “morse code”-like sounds. However, a BRIEF sequence is not sufficient to reliably alert me. I might be away from my phone for a few minutes or I may be asleep and may not wake up for such a brief disturbance.

I need a sound that loops CONTINUOUSLY until I open the app. Is there a setting for this or a special sound option? What do other admins do to ensure they hear an audible alert even if they are away from their phone and return to it, say, 10 minutes after the alert was received?

I have configured multiple notifications, but I don’t want to configure a notification every minute for thirty minutes. It seems necessary to have an alert sound that lasts for more than ten seconds.


This is a really swell idea that I myself have wanted for my own use of the app.

As a stopgap, I’ve configured an obnoxious per-contact ringtone (Darth Vader screaming “NOOOOOO”) and set up a phone notification after 1 minute of non-responsiveness, since ringtones should loop by default.

(Edit: just to be clear, in case it wasn’t obvious enough: the above is my own personal PagerDuty configuration, which I myself use for incident response. I did not set this up for any other PagerDuty customers!)