Android App: Ability to route sound to all or specific audio outputs

I’m having an issue using pagerduty on the same phone I use to live my life. I use bluetooth earbuds often, and I’m not terribly good at remembering to turn them off when I put them down for a minute. Even worse, if I forget to turn them off when I take them off before going to bed, I go the whole night not able to hear my page outs.

What I’d love is a setting in the android app to at least be able to select “always use phone speaker” (though “use all audio outputs” would also be great (mimicing the behavior of the alarms from the system clock app). Possibly might be useful to be able to specify other speakers, but that’s someone else’s use case, not mine


Yes, yes, there are behavioral changes I could make, but to be honest I’ve been trying to get better at this just to save my battery life on the earbuds and I haven’t been successful.

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Hi Tyler,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

I definitely agree that more dynamic controls for notifications would be helpful when using your mobile device.

I’ll be happy to submit this as a feature request with our team.

If you have any further thoughts on this at all, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide that feedback.

+1 for this feature request. I leave my bluetooth headset attched all day so I can take calls hands free. Need PagerDuty notifications to play on phone speaker.

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for this feature. I used to be able to get around this by adding a contact for the phone app and allowing it to break dnd because the phone app actually used to ring over the phone speaker. I think somewhere along the line Google changed this (I’ve always used nexus/pixel devices). Just did some test pages and audio notifications for both the App and Phone calls are both only playing over the connected bluetooth device.

I agree something like what the Clock app can do where alarms play over both BT and the device speaker is greatly needed. I have missed pages in the past because of a connected BT device, thought I had it solved, but it turns out it’s no longer solved. :confused:

EDIT: oops… I actually remember what I did here, I had to put my phone into DND mode instead of turning on vibrate in order to get the phone app to override DND and play a sound on the speaker. Vibrate doesn’t work. So… I at least still have that, but the app notification only plays over the connected BT device, woulds still be nice to fix that.