Android 10 High-Urgency Override System Volume Not Working

I have configured my app to override the system volume when receiving a high-urgency notification, but when I try a test notification when my notifications are set to silent I only see the push notification, and I don’t hear any audio notification at all. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app (version 5.88 (8077)) and clearing my cache. I did notice that the override does work if I enable Do Not Disturb as well, but I don’t use that during the daytime. If the notification volume is set to vibrate, the phone vibrates but does not make any other noise. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ on Android 10. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


HI Miles,

Thanks for reaching out to community. We are currently investigating this issue, I have linked your request here to an internal ticket, once I know more I will let you know here, if you would like a more direct follow up, please do open a ticket with and reference this community post so we can inform you quicker when we do have updates.


I’m also having this issue, Samsung S9 / Android 10. However I’m on app version 5.89 (8104)

Thanks Robert.

Still an ongoing issue we are looking into once we know more we will update.


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Hi John,
Any update on this issue (it a very critical one for us)?

HI Alon,

Apologies for the delays but they are still testing this one before any fix can be released.

Once we know more we will update you!


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Any updates on the status of this issue? Was a reproduction successful?

Hi Miles!

I received an update from our engineers that the Override System volume issue has been fixed and should be sent in the app update 5.92.

Do let us know if you continue to experience issues with the DND mode for push notifications after this mobile update!

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Thank you! What is the expected release date for that version?

Hi Miles,

We do not have an expected release date just yet as there has been delays in the approval process. This could be as a result of the current situation. As soon as these irons out, then we would be able to have provisional release dates.



I’m also experiencing this issue with Android 10 on Galaxy S9. Pagerduty app version 5.91 (8160).

Has approval for this bug fix release been escalated? This is fairly urgent.

Thanks for you help.

The current tentative scheduled date for the release of the next App version with the fix for this is the 30th of March.
Please do let us know if the issue persists once you have updated the app.


Hello! It’s 30th March 20:20 CET and no update yet.

@dperkins, would you be kind and update the ETA for this, please? Thank you :slight_smile:

@chiedu I’ve the same issue and it’s really a pain to do On-calls with sound enabled on my phone during nights :frowning:

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I do apologise for the delay on this. Got to know late yesterday that the tentative date for the app release was now the 6th of April, this is barring further delay in the approval process. This is a result of the current climate.
My apologises once again.


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Thanks for the update, @chiedu. Looking forward for it :crossed_fingers:

I’ve installed the 5.92 (8217) update on my Galaxy S9 running Android 10. The issue still persists. I’ve tried restarting my phone, disabling/enabling notifications, etc. It appears whatever fix was attempted has not resolved this issue.

Same for me. I clicked on test page on the web and the app just vibrated by phone and thats it.

Since 5.92 (8217) it changed a bit the behavior on my device (Samsung Galaxy S10e on Android 10).

Now when I let my phone in “sound enabled” + “Do not disturb” mode, the phone is ringing when I trigger a test alert.

But what is still failing: If I let my phone on “silent” or “vibrate” modes only, I don’t receive any sound while triggering a test alert.

Do you observe the same behavior with the latest update @chiedu ?