Android 10 Do Not Disturb issues - Bug 5318 was not fixed

This issue is still occurring with the Dec 4 update of the application(Version 5.77.2 (7526)) on, even on a new different phone.

I have an issue where the do-not-disturb does not turn off in the morning with my alarm, as it’s configured to do so. It appears to not turn it back off if there is an event in the night. The system settings screen says “Do Not Disturb was automatically turned on by an app (PagerDuty)”. So if I don’t go manually and turn off DND it seems to stay on.

It would also be nice if in DND mode I could select a different sound or notification profile. I’d like to get a vibrate shortly before the full sound so if I wake to it I can respond before the full sound wakes up my spouse.




Hi @AllanOepping, I checked with our mobile team, and they advised that they did deploy a fix for this, but had to revert it as it was found to have caused other issues. They are working on pushing out a fix for it soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We’ll update this thread once this is fixed again.