Analytics roadmap

Hello folks,
I’m trying to develop a java application which would pull some data regarding our pagerduty services (number of incidents, MTTA & MTTR). I’ve checked the API reference and it seems that Analytics API is not ready for production right now - is there a scheduled date?

Otherwise, is there any other API that I could use to fetch MTTA & MTTR? For incidents I know that I can use … well, the incidents API :slight_smile:

Hello Rares,

Whilst Analytics API is still in Early Access, is there any issue you have encountered with it? There isn’t a scheduled date just yet.
Please keep using the Analytics API, there’s no alternative to that endpoint; as suggestions on how to improve it is always welcome.

Kind regards.

Hello Chiedu,

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: I did not encounter any issue with it, but I see from the documentation that’s highly recommended to not use it in production environment.

Hello Rares,

Yeah as the endpoint is subject to change.

As to when it will go into production, can you keep an eye out on the What’s New page. It will be published there before it is released.

Kind regards,