Analytics Data Should Only Show Services Under the Parent Team Selected

When I have a Parent Team selected as my General Context (top right corner)

  • And I travel to Analytics > Incident Volume > System Tab

The “Services” listed, and which are charted, include “Services” from Teams OUTSIDE of my Parent Team selection

In the Top Right Hand Corner Team Selection, if I select the lowest level of Sub-Team, “Services” are cleaned up, and I do not see Services from Other Teams

I do not want to see other Services in the metrics from other teams if my context is not “All Teams”

Hello Adam,

I am sorry but your ask is not so clear. If there is a filter in place, the report page should report on the selected Team.
Also, with respect to the sub-team, is there a chance you could reach out to Support directly so we can take a look at the account in questions. Email and quote #273013 then we will go from there.


I’ve modified the verbiage to be more clear above - no worries

Put simply though,

Analytics > Incident Volume > System Tab - should not show “Services” in the list at the bottom that are not assigned to the Team I’ve selected in the top right hand corner of the WebUI

Hi David,

I have asked our Engineering team to look into this, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. As my colleague mentioned, if you would like to follow up with us more directly, please email us at and reference #273013 so we can follow up with you in a ticket.



Hi David,

It looks like this is a known issue with the teams filter. Our product/engineering teams will be addressing this with updates to basic and advanced reports later this year.

Apologies for any inconvenience here! Let me know if you have any further questions,


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