Alert "rest of the team" ?

Hello. I have a quick question…

In an escalation policy, is there a way to notify the rest of the team if the one on duty doesn’t ack the alert after 30m ?

Couldn’t figure out how…

Thank you.

Hi Fabio! Have you tried adding all the team member users to level 2 of the escalation policy (with a 30 minute escalation gap between level 1 and 2)?
It sounds like you might have a schedule in level 1, so on level 2 instead of a schedule you can add the individual users, and that way everyone listed will get a notification in 30 minutes if the incident hasn’t been acknowledged by the on-call from level 1.
Just keep in mind that those notifications will go out to all the team members listed no matter what time of day it is.

Thank you for the answer, maybe I didn’t understand it well, but this to me doesn’t make much sense to me. Cause:

  1. We have lots of teams and people, doing this manually and trying to not forget anyone is less than ideal.
  2. If in the future we add another team member then we need to remember to update the escalation policies.

Has this feature not been requested already ? Sounds like a supper common use case to me.

Yes, we do have a request for similar functionality–I’ve gone ahead and added your comments to it. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to pass on.