Alert Messages from AWS CloudWatch aren't helpful

We’re using AWS CloudWatch with custom metrics. We are getting alarms from CloudWatch that have somewhat decent names for static alarms, but the names of PagerDuty alerts based on alarms with Anomaly Detection Models is pretty unhelpful. For example:


is the title of an email alert which is somewhat legible. Ideally I would like to change the title to be “The Average RS3_d6_cholesterol is less than 1,000,000,” but if that’s not possible that’s okay.

The anomaly titles, on the other hand, are very unhelpful. The title is (and sorry I can’t post the pic, new users can only include one image per post) “LessThanLowerOrGreaterThanUpperThreshold”. There’s no indication of what metric is being alerted about. In this particular example, there’s a metric called “IOS Heatsink Temp.” that went out of an anomaly detection range. We would like an alert title of something like “The IOS Heatsink Temp. is out of its acceptable range.”

Is this somehow possible to configure?

Hello @labphone,

It is possible to configure the title of the incident by editing the Integration and selecting where to derive the name from. It is also possible using Ruleset to extract the name you require to the description. I hope this helps.